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Bohol Countryside Tour

Bohol is a magical, stunning, and exciting island in the Philippines. Delve into the grand sceneries of this Province with our Country Side Tour Deals. Allow us to be part of your journey. Allow us to be part of your journey in seeing the mounds of limestone formation…
hri bohol countryside tour 1

Bohol Day Tour from Cebu

We offer affordable Bohol Day Tour From Cebu. Wake up in the City of Cebu and sleep in Cebu, but travel your way to the beautiful sceneries of Bohol. If this is what you want, we also can help you make this possible. Let us take you on that wonderful adventure seeing the Chocolate Hills and the shy and loving Tarsiers…

hri bohol countryside tour 1

Panglao Tour

Bohol is very well-known for its white sand beaches and the Chocolate Hills. However, another side of it is the landscape that ranges from plain and hilly to bumpy. Let us bring you to a Panglao Island Tour and notice its remarkable geological feature…
hri bohol countryside tour 1

Island Hopping Tour

Nature itself has a lot of things to offer. Another essential way to enjoy, relax, and make your stay in Bohol worthwhile is the Dolphin Watching and Island Hopping Adventure. Experience the cool way of searching for the very clever and spirited behavior of the Dolphins…
hri bohol countryside tour 1

Bohol Westside Tour

The Bohol Westside Tour entices nature lovers and offers a great complementary alternative to the Countryside Tour. This tour features the scenic Sagbayan Peak, a popular mountain resort that offers a great view of the nearby Chocolate Hills…
hri bohol countryside tour 1

Whaleshark Watching (Panglao to Oslob)

From Panglao Bohol, you can experience the Whale Shark Watching in Oslob via a Service Company called – Whale Shark Alona. Be prepared to swim along with the Whale Sharks in a free environment …